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Garbanzo Stroganoff

Really rich and filling.

Szechwan Tofu

Close, will need to modify this recipe

Dill Potato Soup

Smells incredible, tastes better.


This is what a kitchen properly readied for stir-frying looks like.


Stir-frying the aforementioned veggies. When a stir-fry calls for "1 pound spinach", it really means "1 wokfull spinach".

Lo mein

Cooked lo mein. I'm not sure how I mustered the discipline to shoot before eating.

Pastichio sauce

The tomato-based topping for lentil pastichio.

Lentil Pastichio

Lentil Pastichio, a baked pasta casserole with macaroni, a few vegetables, lots of lentils, and a white sauce on top.

Pastichichio side

Side view of the Lentil Pastichio.

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